Part 2 of catching up with keanu

Catching up with Keanu and talking about our adventures and future excursions 

We go over our camping with kids experience and talk about out fishing adventures 

Family Camping Trip

So we are going on a family camping trip with kids and we discuss the ins and outs of taking kids to the great out of doors!

Interviewing my employer

Hey guys so I know its been awhile but i finally got this interview with my boss and questioned him about his mission and goals for the company.

A short podcast while going up bee canyon in the rain and ended up getting snowed on! 

Random Thoughts

This episode Im basically just rambling on about random things!! Hope you guys enjoy!!

So this is going to be short podcast just talking about a last minute kayak camping trip we took on September 19 - 21. You can see some of the picture...View Details

So me and my friend Cody are going talk and discuss about some of the current issues that are happening in our state and the United States!

Survival Techniques

Hey guys so in this episode I have a few guests my wife and sister-in-law and a good friend of ours and we discuss survival questions!

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